Mindset:The New Psychology of Success

The name of the book introduces well enough itself: Success is somehow determined by our psychological and mental status quo. Three key messages from the author Carol Dweck:

Message NO. 1

Generally speaking, there are two principle mindsets: “Fixed mindset” and “Growth mindset”. The former refers to those who believe that our intelligence and talents are determined by the genes which are fixed at birth. The latter “growth mindset” holds, on the contrary, that practice and perseverance can reform and shape our capabilities.

Message NO. 2

Series of experiments conducted by Dweck indicate that fixed mindset become the threshold of success and efforts injection. Two scenarios applied at the same time:

Situation 1: Fixed mindsets among the less talented groups.

Result 1: For the sake of self-identity protection from “superior people”, you try to invest less efforts, bearing in mind that “effort is only for people with deficiencies. If you’re considered a genius, a talent, or a natural—then you have a lot to lose. Effort can reduce you (Dweck).”

Situtaion 2: Fixed mindsets among the talents groups.

Result 2: Believing you are blessed with generic talents, you tend to be trapped by natural “gift” with ignorance of polishing it.

Apparently, fixed mindset set up barriers for self-improvement and progression.

Message NO. 3

People with growth mindset acknowledge that qualities can be strengthened and reshaped with perseverance and efforts. Their core spirit can be drawn in an equation: Efforts+Actions=Positive changes. In this case, these people are more likely to take challenges and seek out opportunities to improve.


Mindset: The New Psychology of Success, by Carol Dweck

What You Believe Affects What You Achieve, Bill Gates



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