Reading has short-cut?!

Personally, if you told me there’s a short-cut for everybody to get access to their goals and realize achievements, I could definitely believe that you must be daydreaming. It has not been changed until I found out that there might be some cool guys who have walked in advance, guiding and waiting for us to follow their foot steps. Gatesnote, a blog created by Bill Gates, comes out of the box and it goes in a way that inverses my original opinion.

What I appreciate most is the branch “Books” where lying Bill’s book shelves and reading notes, waiting for « book worms » to go for it. But bearing in mind that one school of idea should still go along with our own thinking.

Thanks to Billsnote, the idea of Na’s NoteBook comes into birth. Na’s NoteBook will become a “notebook based notebook” by listening to various voices and ideas so as to absorb the most refined essence of the outside world.

A Notebook standing on the shoulders’ of the great minds…


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