“Me 2.0: 4 steps to building your future”

Me 2.0 coverThe book Me 2.0: 4 Steps to Building Your Future written by Dan Schawkel is an innovative and natural output under the disruptive words: Web 2.0, Internet of Things, and digitalization……

What makes it brillant is the creative idea he tries to deliver: Personal branding under Web 2.0 can help young graduates who are seeking for a career platform.

There are three major ideas which I appreciate a lot:

  1. “You” are a product.
  2. Branding yourself matters.
  3. Q: How to do your branding? A: Innovation & Action count.

Me 2.0 inverses the traditional idea of job seeking of passive way research. On the other way around, “You” are the one to take the initiative and you are planning to be chased by the companies.


The citation from one of the commentators in his book put the message in the exact way, “I think social media will ultimately change how HR recruits, and it is changing the entire talent marketplace. You are there to be found by your entire network, conceivably for the rest of your lives. That is a profound change. I believe that effect will be less “applying” for jobs, more of employees finding you.” (Libby Sartain, Chief People Officer, Yahoo!)

Thus, the core concepts come out:

  • Do not sell the product (You), but brand it (You).
  • Do not chase jobs, let them chase you.
  • Let action speak, not delusional “business plan”.

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2 thoughts on ““Me 2.0: 4 steps to building your future”

  1. Zinga H says:

    Actions are important but a plan for action directs results!

    Liked by 1 person

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